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Last week I started sketching – too bad that I don’t have a copy of AutoCAD anymore, so I have to do it by hand or, if I want to share my thoughts here, using the illustrator.

So let’s put the wheels in motion and get started showing the first things first: the layouts!

Bellow there is a few of the endless ways to put a wall of frames together.


If you ask me for general tips, the most important ones would be:

1. The group of frames should stick together and make sense. Making a beautiful wall is not about popping frames here and there, you’ve got to create a pattern, have to make sure that all the frames you are using belong together. They have to be, somehow connected;

2. If you are using one or just a few frames avoid placing them too high up on the wall – the horizontal mid line of your grouped frames should be between 1.60 and 1.70 m from the floor (which is the average height of a person’s eyes).


But the most important tip of all is this: be creative and open-minded, don’t let any rules stop you from getting the look you love, because in the end of the day, that is what gives character to your place ;)

Later on I will be posting more details showing how to fill your frames nicely, but for now i am very sleepy and tomorrow I have to wake up really early – yeah, my boys don’t care if I go to bed after mid-night. They always wake up when the sun shines (bleh!)


  • Seu blog está muito lindo! Estou adorando as dicas!

    • obrigada, Carol! Aos poucos o blog vai tomando forma :)

  • Flavia Monteiro Cabrini

    LOVED this post. I am making my wall of frames, but am playing safe. I have tons of colours in the house, I like bright ones, so, to neutralize a bit, I’ve decided to have a wall of plain white frames. They are of different sizes, that’s how I’m playing with them. And I’m trying to give it some movement, maybe close to the symetrical one you’ve posted.

    • Flavinha! I’m glad you like it! :) Funny thing: I was just writing about balancing colourful walls and frames :)
      BTW, I’ll love if you show your wall of frames here!

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