D.I.Y Table Lamp: from plain to cozy

However, I’m back – at least for this week – and brought some very sweet and easy D.I.Y. project to show you.

My bedroom has been left behind for a long long time – since we moved to Aussie land, actually. First because it was so tiny (I could barely accommodate my bed in it!) and now, well, now my problem is that I have much more space that I can fill =). The result is that it feels impersonal, empty. So I decided to start doing some rearrangements (spending the least possible, of course).

Oh well, the first step was giving some life to my inexpensive and very plain table lamps (from where? Ikea, of course!). We bought these lamps in our fist month here, just because we needed some lighting in our bedroom, but at that time I did not want to spend big bucks on it, so I went for the  cheapest ones.

What did I do? Well, last week I ran to a nearby crafts store and bought a metre of white felt fabric and a can of white spray paint. Of course, I had something in mind and it was a very simple project. So simple that I was able to do it having the kids running around.

Do you want to see what I did?

See, sometimes the most simple ideas turn out to be just lovely. Well, I just love my new table lamp =)

  • Nossa, mas não esquenta muito ?

    • Não, Barbara :) Eu uso luz fria, não esquenta nadinha ;)

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