Home Decor Basics: Style Finder x Code Finder

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out the way your home should look like?

Need some guidance to label your tastes and preferences?

Are you contemporary or modern? Rustic or country? Traditional or Classic? Eclectic or Vintage?

There are tons of decorating styles out there and deciding what best matches your personality can be very confusing, overwhelming sometimes.

Well, to tell you the truth that’s not exactly how I roll, and that’s the reason why I’m currently (and slowly) preparing the “HomeSweetener Code Finder”- something that I’m going to use as the first step to my consulting services.

Yes, your personal code is the answer! Why? Simply because you are allowed to love different styles and if you do, you should not be restricted to one to make your home happen – that can be really frustrating. Instead, you can find your essence, your inner code, a keyword or expression that sort of put together what is more important to you and based on that you can find your way around and fearless bring to life your dreamed sweet home.

HomeSweetener Code Finder will be more than a Quiz and will have more than standard results. It involves more than images related to styles, it brings to surface the inner you, your essence. Unfortunately I can’t promise anything for the next couple of weeks, so meanwhile, why don’t you go ahead and try to understand a little bit more about general home decor styles?

I was going to take the time and prepare myself some definitions for you, but instead, I googled it and was lucky enough to find a great website (http://houzz.com) with very good definitions.

So, if you have the time, you can click HERE and find out more about each style.

(Here goes a tip: usually your decor style is pretty much in accordance with your fashion and life style, one could say that you can easily find your decor style if you play close attention to the way you dress and the way you live your life)

You can also try one of these quizzes that try to find your style. They’re very simple, and although they’re not very accurate (how could they be?), they can give you a reasonable idea of what you should aim for when decorating your home, and most importantly, they ‘re free =) so it doesn’t hurt to try them out ;)

Wanna give them a try? Click on the links below.

HGTV What’s my Style 

(you get the result instantly)

HomeGoods Quiz 

(instant result with a plus – they give you a more detailed description of “your “style)

Kaboose Quiz

(instant result – gives you the percentages of styles found in your answers)

MyDesignGuide Stylefinder

(this one asks for you to register, but it’s free)

Have fun! But don’t forget, it takes more that an instant quiz to find your code ;), so don’t stress out if you’re still not sure of what your style is -every time I take one of these, I get a different result ;). The most important thing is to get you started thinking about what you like, what is important to you, what makes you fell at home.

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