Inspiration for decoration – a Mood Board for Graziela

Hey you! Here I am again, can you believe it? =)

Today I’m posting under this new Category: Inspiration for Decoration.

I’ve been contacted by some people asking for specific tips, so I decided to put together some Mood Boards based on their profiles, needs and tastes and make their lives a bit easier when it comes to decorating their homes.

I have never met these persons before, they are either friends of friends or virtual friends (the kind that you meet on the internet).

“But, if you don’t know them, how can you have enough information to build their Mood Boards?”

Hey, that’s a pretty good question! =)

Well, remember that I was (am) slowly building a questionnaire to find people’s inner code? I’m now running some tests using part of what it will be to see if it really works, and so far, I think it does =), so don’t be surprised if next time you pay me a visit you find this service available here at HomeSweetener ;)

Meanwhile, today is Graziela’s Day!

Graziela first contacted me asking for some tips about which kind of frames she should use for a Van Gogh and two watercolors. I asked her to send me some pictures and we started exchanging emails. What have started as one simple question became bigger, so I decided to send her that quiz I was talking about (or at least a piece of what it will be).

Today, I’m going to show you Graziela’s Mood Board, so why don’t you take a look at her profile and see if it matches her Mood Board?

From her information I’ve learned several things…

but the most important are that she is very passionate about traveling, and never comes back home without some souvenirs – it can be a decorative object, a painting, or lots of pictures that later on will become part of her home decor. She prefers neutral tones on furniture, but the accents must be bright and colourful. She loves reading and getting friends over. BTW, she lives with her little girl and husband.

When she thinks about home decor style, although she doesn’t name it, she says that she is not fond of trendy decor, but thinks her home should reflect her personality (clap, clap, clap!).

Graziela says that since she left her hometown, where she used to have the cosiest apartment, she is still trying to put her new place together. Her walls are half naked and some pieces of furniture are still missing.

She basically wants some tips regarding frames, furniture choices for a new sitting corner, and how to display as much pictures and objects (the ones she always brings from her trips) as she can without clustering her place or being a duster slave =)

From the pictures she sent me, I’m using some fragments as references on her Mood Board, and as you can see below, the couch and chair on the right lower corner and the cuckoo clock and red side table on the upper left corner are important features from her home, so every suggested piece has to be somehow in accordance with them.

When I finally was done analyzing her questionnaire…

I didn’t have any doubts, her Code was HISTORY, Live History, if I may. With so much passion about pictures and meaningful objects, she has to have a home ruled by the accents. So, neutral background and bright history for Graziela!

Of course, I also sent to her a detailed written document explaining every aspect of her Mood Board, including further tips, but I think the Mood Board by itself gives you a pretty clear idea of what my suggestions are.

Let’s take a look of what I put together for Graziela’s Mood Board, maybe you too can find some Inspiration for Decoration in there ;)

1. Matching character is way better than matching materials or colors by themselves; 2. In case a red frame is too bold for you, you can go for a simpler look; 3. Wall boxes with glassy front are always a practical way to display small objects; 4. Look what I have here! your knife from Toledo, ready to join other frames on your wall; 5. This table is perfect for showing off small  objects without having to dust them as they will be protected by the top glass; 6. If you want a place to relax and enjoy some reading, go for a day bed. But don’t forget your floor lamp  ;); 7. Having a colorful rug laying underneath your couch will not only break up the neutral tones but also create a warmer area; 8. A couple of cushions make it just perfect, specially if you play with patterns to give it more life; 9. A blanket is a must. you can play with it on the back of your couch or simply leave it handy for cold days; 10. For guests, prefer a couple of armchairs, also embellished with some cushions; 11. Go for a darker tone to add contrast to your carpet; 12. Use accent furniture for displaying decorative objects; 13. Side table: perfect for holding frames, remote controls, books, cup of tea; 14. Larger cushions give a more comfortable look. In this case, if you go for different patterns you get a richer ambiance; 15. Placing the chairs close to the couch  create a cosier look.

Now the ball is on your court, Graziela! Hope to see how your home turns out soon ;)



  • Graziela

    Oi Erica,
    Adorei o post!
    Este fim de semana vou buscar os 3 quadros ja emoldurados e te mando fotos.


    • Oi, Graziela,
      Que bom que gostou :)
      Estou doida pra ver o resultado ;)

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