When you are not allowed to paint your walls

Have I told you about the Tenant’s Curse? The one that prohibits the poor tenants from hanging frames on their walls, or painting them? Not every tenant has this kind of issue, I know, there are a couple of  lucky mates out there… The thing is: I AM UNDER THIS CURSE! And you have no idea how horrible it is for me living without my walls full of frames and colours. It’s almost like living without chocolate, or my iPhone ;)

Well, yesterday I was laying on the bed (got a very bad cold) with my iPad and started browsing my favourite blogs/sites when I got some really nice inspiration from a picture. It was a giant and colourful painting laying behind a couch in a very white seating area.

Tcharam! I think I have the answer for my blank walls!!!

My personal Home Sweetener project is in constant motion, you know that, right? Too bad that lately I don’t have much time to dive into it. On top of that, not being allowed to do what I want really sets me on a bad mood. But seeing that picture gave me the inspiration I was in search of!

What about buying some plywood, a bucket of painting or some colourful fabric and build myself a beautiful wall panel to embellish my dining area?

I can paint the plywood in a very bright colour and on top of that add some stencils, or I can find a beautiful fabric and wrap my plywood panel with it… – I already have butterflies in my stomach!

Well, here is a sketch, or should I say a sneak peek of my project?! =)

So excited!!!!

I think my only issue right now is how to bring home a plywood wall panel in (actually on) my tiny Astra…


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