I’ve been having a really hard time trying to find yellowish cushions, and every single store that I went to and asked if they have some bright yellow patterned cushion, they always give me a yellowish smile and say: “I’m sorry, we only have the trendiest colours, according to what is been used these days… yellow is an old concept… blablabla…” I gotta tell you, this drives me insane! Excuse me! You are saying that I’m over, is that it?

[pause to scream]

Vintage is here to prove them wrong and I am here to tell you this: One doesn’t need to follow trendy tips, specially in this day and age where everybody is looking for something new in the past. Fashion, Home Decor, even life style (cotton diapers!), helloooo?!. So, please, don’t you listen to these arrogant people who want you to become a slave of what they think is right, cos guess what? Right is following your tastes and having a home that reflect your personality.

[okay, we’re now back to the normal state of mind]

The reason what I am here today is to show you this really fun way of doing your personalised cushion: with personalised fabric!

Yes, yes, yes! You can design your own pattern, with the colours you choose (even the outdated yellow!) and have your fabric delivered to your door. Is that sweet or what? You can also browse for super cute fabrics made by designers. You can browse by categories, tags and colours. And the price is reasonably fair. BTW, this is NOT a paid advertisement, so you know =) I just felt like sharing this cute idea with you ;)

Quiet TimeMilo and Mia ChevronsMilo Daisiesflower_wave

I think that is the answer for my dining room chairs, yay!

Got to decide which pattern I want tough…

If you ever feel like having an unique fabric for a skirt, cushions, a wall panel, a lil’girls dress, an apron, a table cloth, bed sheets… save this name ;)





  • Odeio ser igual aos outros… Mania de quererem dizer o que é que temos que gostar, não é?

    • Concordo plenamente, Carol! Ser original é que o que há! ;)

  • Também odeio essa ditadura do gosto. Afinal, gosto não se discute. Se a opinião for uniformizada, acabbbbam-se as deliciosas diferenças que tornam cada pessoa única e especial.

    • disse tudo, Márcia :)

  • Graziela

    HS está cada dia melhor. Fico sempre ansiosa pelo próximo post!

  • Flávia

    Sou fanática por cores vivas e sofro pra encontrar qualquer coisa diferente por aqui tb, ainda mais no interior, né? Pra quem está no Brasil tb indico a http://www.fernandomaluhy.com.br, que é a mais divertida que encontrei por aqui (mas tem que vasculhar)!

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