Ikea: a case of love and “hate”

If you are a home décor addicted and have an Ikea close to you, you probably know what I mean.

Going to Ikea is always fun, its showroom is amazing and full of options. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can always count on them to find something that fits both your investment expectations and your home.

Prices are very welcoming and the fact that you don’t have any sales person approaching to you every time you look interested in something is a bonus with no doubts.

I happen to have an Ikea very close to my place and, boy, turns out that that’s not good at all. Every time I go there looking for a specific thing I always find a dozen other thing that I reeeeeally need. Shopaholic, anyone?

Anyway, my point is that even for a person like me who prefers unique things, it’s very hard to fight against the endless corridors filled with colours, textures, and bargains that is Ikea.

The problem is that you end up having the same articles as your friends, and every time you visit them, you see the same stuff you have at your own place, which is good – as you always feel at home  =)– and really, really, really bad – as your house and your friends’ end up being an extension of Ikea and lacking in character, uniqueness.

However, that is not the end of the world, cos you can always customize, mix and match and have your unique place – as long as you give yourself the opportunity to go some other places besides the Sweden Store (hmmm, and that reminds me of the Ikeas’s  meat balls and desserts, yumi yumi).

Anywho… If you, like me, can’t resist Ikea but still wants to have a unique home, you can always transform their pieces into something exclusive that only you have. Sometimes it’s just a matter of adding a detail. So simple that everyone can do it.

Well, that’s a subject not for one, but for tons of posts, so today I’ll be showing one of the ways I’m making the love way bigger than the hate :)

My first reinvented piece of Ikea was this bookcase I turned into a buffet. Just added some legs – believe me, without even adding a table apron/skirt to tie the legs together. Okay, I know I should have, specially because ikea’s furniture is kind of hollow, what makes it very hard to properly bolt the legs. Of course they are a bit wiggly… But what the heck, I really like this look, besides if I change my mind and decide to go for another kind of legs, there’s still time ;) Hmmm, a couple of plant pots or even concrete blocks would be very interesting – why didn’t I think of that? Maybe next month…


Again, note that if you choose not to use an apron under the bookcase to tie the legs, you should bolt the bookcase to the wall for steadiness – it will make the wiggly factor go away.

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  • Graziela

    Adorei Erica! Suas idéias sao sempre muito legais!! Bjs

  • Excellent job!

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