Butterflies! (and free pattern download)

Remember that lamp project that I did for my bedroom about a month ago? Well, turns out that I need much more than one lamp to make that bedroom alive – of course I knew that, but there are lots of things to be done around the house, and my bedroom is always left behind. However as I need to feel that I’m doing something about it, I decided to put together some decoration for the wall behind my headboard.

I have decided that (surprise, surprise!) I want a mostly white background, white wall + white embellishments (really? really!), and that is because my furniture is kind of dark and I want to keep a neutral tone and play with colours just on a few accents.

Truth is, my bedroom is actually a compilation of leftover materials. Everything that doesn’t belong to the living area or dining area anymore is now in my bedroom waiting to be arranged.

But this post is not about my forgotten bedroom, it’s about butterflies! Beautiful, charming and versatile paper butterflies. I bet you have seen them around – maybe you already have them at you place (if you do, would you share a picture with us?).

Here come the butterflies!



I’ve chosen to glue my butterflies on a canvas I already had, but you can go wild :) Use them to embellish frames (inside or outside), add them to gift wrapping for a personal touch, wrap a lamp shade with them… You can even put them directly on your wall! Play with different colours and patterns (actually, I’m totally gonna do this), use not only paper, but fabric too… The sky is the limit!

And just because I like you already :), you can click on the link below and download a butterfly pattern. How sweet is that? ;)


Have fun, spread the butterflies word and come back for more sweet ideas ;)

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