Hooray, another Freebie Day!

You know what? I’ve been having loads of fun with this app Draw Something. In fact, I’m so addicted to it, that I caught myself checking it several times a day, and as soon as it’s my turn I can’t wait to play. It’s very entertaining :)

Although I am not an artist and I don’t draw like many awesome people out there, drawing something with my friends makes me want to draw all the time, and because of that, not only have I incorporated Pictionary Nights in our lives, but also I decided to prepare some illustrations to frame, and guess what? I am giving them away so you can print them at home and add some fun flavour to your home too.

Today I’ll be giving you Peace and Love, a couple of printable that I just made.

You can print them at home, as the PDF was done in a A4 size. And come on, don’t get restricted to plain white paper. Use colours or even better, recycle some newspaper (like I did), or some wrapping paper, used envelopes… Go crazy :)

Ready to download it?

Here it goes {filelink=11}

Peace and Love for every home ;)


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