Got kids? Show them ;)

Is there anything worse than pretending you don’t have kids? Well, it took me a while after having my first one to realise that I should not, in any circumstance hide their belongings (aka their mess, ops, toys). The problem is I’ve always been too organised to let their mess on display, so I kept trying to restrict most of the activities to their playroom. Did that work? Of course not, and since I had my first kid I’ve been a slave of my Mr. Monk habits.

Well, not anymore! One kid later and I decided that it was time to incorporate their activities to the whole house, so everywhere you go, you see signs of their existence. Toys in my bedroom, drawings, mini table and mini chairs in my office, and now, mini stools, crayons and loads of paper also in our living area. Not to mention the framed drawings on the wall. Yes, they are everywhere – which is good because I, too, am more flexible around the house. I can drag them downstairs when I need to fix them some lunch and they are entertained. The mess also got smaller, believe it or not, having several stations help a whole lot to keep things organised.

But before you get confused and think my house resembles Debora & Raymond’s (from Everybody loves Raymond), I tell you: NOT AT ALL! Only if I wasn’t myself :). I would say that the spirit is more like Julia and Joel’s house (from Parenthood). We make room for our boys without letting them take over. As I used to say “caned mess” (hope that makes sense in English…)

I got to say that, showing your kids and mixing up grown up and little one’s stuff adds an incredible amount of character to any house. But watch out! Don’t let them rule the house, just make their existence visible ;)

Below there are some examples of what I have done so far.

Of course, that’s a work in progress, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure I keep you posted  ;)

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