Cardboard + fabric = happier sleep room

Long time no posting, huh? What have I been doing? Besides taking care of the kids, the house (not so much), being sick, getting better, taking a Friday off to go to the movies, working on some freelance…? Well, besides all of that, I’ve been planning. Planning some personal HomeSweetening.

Here is the case: Upstairs we have 3 bedrooms and a open study (besides the master and the family bathroom, of course), and today, our boys are using 2 of the 3 bedrooms and I use the open study as my office. However, after four months living in this house I realize that one of the bedrooms, the one where the kids sleep in, is being underused – they only go there at bed time. Actually, they go to my bedroom, and as they fall asleep, daddy takes them to their place. In short, they only wake up in their sleep room.

What I want to do is switch everything but the master suite. My office will be where today is the boys’ sleep room, the boys’ sleep room will migrate to the play room and most of the playroom will go to that open area by their bedroom. Sounds like a plan? Yes, it does! It’s a triangular move A goes to B, B goes to C and C goes to A. Lots of work ahead. The other problem is that today, the sofa bed for guests is in the playroom – not a good idea – and I want it to be in my office (that’s why I need a proper room for my office).

Since we moved here, I’ve never taken the time to really think about the best layout – what is a shame, I know – and now, I decided to start working on that.

But this post is about the first phase: the boys’ new bedroom (and sort of half playroom too, as their TV and toys storage will still be there, I think).

The plan is to use the furniture we already have, and just buy a bed for Nick (what reminds me that I need to start the transition soon) and some fabrics.

I’m planning to use some of the cardboard I have on my garage to make a background scenario for their bedroom, and fabric not only to wrap the cardboard, but also to create a cozy atmosphere to their bed time, building a tent over their beds. How sweet is that?

But let me show you some graphics, cause sometimes drawings speak better than words ;)

Gotta go! I need to buy some fabrics and blu tack to make this project happen ;)

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