who wants to be by “her” side?

Once upon a time there was a side table. Not a special one, not an expensive one… not even a different one. Just a very ordinary light-blue, 7.99 dollar one.

She (yes, it’s a she) once lived happily by the bed of a little boy, but once his family moved to a new place, the poor side table lost her spot and started wandering around the house, until that night when the daddy woke up to check on the crying baby (oh yes, it was daddy who went there – the exhausted mom pretended she was sleeping) and bumped his little toe on it (have I mentioned that everything that doesn’t belong anywhere else in the house, end up in my bedroom? Sad but true. However, that is a topic for another post. Let’s get going…)

Oh well, thanks to this  unfortunate incident, I decided to give the poor “sidy” a new life, make her happy and stop her from attacking poor daddy’s little toe in the middle of the night.

My vision was very simple, extremely inexpensive (actually I didn’t spend a cent!), but, boy, it worked!

Wanna see what I did?



The only problem is that beauty sometimes can make others  jealous, right? Well, it happened to “Traydie”, and I have no choice other than give her (it’s also a she, of course) a makeover too. Don’t want to give her reasons to start a strike or something. I need my big and round tray (hope she doesn’t read that part though… ;)). So… if you wanna meet Traydie, come back tomorrow :)



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