Sneak Peek – part 2

Remember the Sneak Peek post? Well, it was on standby, like many other home projects around here, but this week I finally managed to get the tree up and running :)

We already had cut trunk, branches and leaves, remember? So, what I did next was cover it all with fabric (left over fabric from Nick’s first birthday party) and stick the tree to the wall using my good friend Blu Tack :)

Oh, and I know, it was supposed to be for the boys sleep room, but if you know me, you get that I change my mind as I change my clothes, sooooo, it ended up being part of the play corner (which is far from being ready, that’s why this post is called “part II”). The trees for the sleep room will be much taller – God help me! :)

But, here is what I’ve been doing.

*Of course, I’m showing only the steps for the leaves, but the process is the same for trunk and branches ;)

Sweet, huh? However as I said, there’s too much to do yet. But you know what is priceless? To have a kid that really appreciates your work. Every time I do something new around the house, Vinny says “wow! I love it! You are the best”.

The only problem is that now every time he is back home from the kinder, he is expecting something new: “mommy, what did you make today?”.

Oh, boy! :)


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