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“Today I don’t feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed…”

Oh, yeah, today is one of those days when you feel lazy. It’s very cold outside, the kids are taking a nap, and although I have a pile of dishes to wash, well, I don’t feel like doing it… not right now. Soooo, how about showing you someone else’s house? At least it will work as a good excuse: “I didn’t have the chance to clean that mess… I was working on a post” ;)

If you are with me since the beginning of HomeSweetener, I bet you know Gabriela, right? Well, today I’m going to share with you a bit of Gabi’s home.

Gabi lives in an extremely cozy ground floor apartment in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. She actually made a complete makeover in this place before she moved in. It’s almost unbelievable what one can do with good taste and imagination, even when the budget is limited – and, come on, short budget is a very common situation these days, isn’t that right? And to tell you the truth, it’s much more fun trying to make it happen when you have limitations, it’s a creativity exercise.

Gabi is an architect who works with interior design and has an incredible eye for recycling. I am sure that for her, envisioning a makeover and decorating her place is a piece of cake. But taking a closer look at projects like hers with analytical eyes and an open mind, you too can do it.

With some small guidance, I bet you can see through the picture and find your own way, also known as inspiration :)


Isn’t that the cosiest apartment ever? I simply love it! It not only screams “Gabriela Amorim” all over it, but it is also a true sweet home.

Having a sweet home is not a matter of buying the most expensive furniture or having the trendiest decor, but using your creativity, good taste and inspiration to build a timeless decor. Of course that having lots of money helps :) but the tools for having a beautiful place reside inside you and the biggest challenge is letting them find their way out.

Need a helping hand? Drop me a line ;)


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