HomeSweetener D.I.Y. challenge

Before I start this post, allow me to blow the dust away :). Sometimes  it is really hard keep up the posting rhythm. If its summer, it’s the good weather that keeps me away from posting. If it’s winter (specially this endless cold Melbournian winter) I can’t find the energy in the end of the day – oh yeah, because during the day I have to turn on my DIY mode to keep the house running and my boys going :)

Having said that, let me introduce this new Column: HomeSweetener DIY Challenge.

I know a bunch of people that think that doing it themselves is a lovely idea and have a pretty long list of pins on their DIY board on Pinterest. However most of them never, I said NEVER, have done one single project :). If you are one of them, prepare yourself, cos, babe, this is a challenge!

To open the challenge, I’m inviting a dear friend of mine, Luciano Kamimura, to put the wheels in motion and prove to the world he can do it :)

Just to picture the scenario, I’ll tell you shortly why Luciano is starring the first challenge.


Luciano and Flavia have been married for 5 years and since the very beginning he stops her from buying certain things affirming that he could do it himself: “Come on, Flavia, I’m not paying that much for this table lamp (or coat hanger, coffee table…). I can do it myself!”.

Funny thing is that Luciano, an Engineer (!!),  hasn’t done any of them… yet… and Flavia is still patiently waiting for his promises to come true.

Don’t fear, Flavia, HomeSweetener is here for you!

Luciano, get your tools ready, cos your challenge is to build Flavia one of the following:

(a) that table lamp you promised her back when you were newly wed

(b) that coat hanger you said was so easy to build when you moved to Australia (tip: she would love this one ;))

(c) all of the above :)

Oh, and before I forget, you also owe me fixing my floor lamp, remember? Double challenge then ;)

Back to Flavia’s project, you will have to envision the piece, get whatever you need from your preferred hardware/crafts store and DIY beautifully (and of  course on a budget). You’ll have the right to choose a couple of helpers to get the job done, but to make sure you don’t cheat, the challenge will be held at my place on September 9th. Snacks and refreshments will be provided ;).

Trace your plan and come over to prove you can do it!

And if you too need a challenge for yourself or someone else, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to make it happen ;)

  • Luciano

    I feel like I have to be the first to comment here.
    First of all, great idea on the “DIY Challenge”! But I do hope this is not a one off thing and other people also get challenged! ;-)
    All that has been said is true, I do struggle to pay a lot of money on something I could (not would!) do myself. And yes again, I have not delivered on a few things I may have said I would do in the past.
    So I accept the challenge (needless to say, I wouldn’t say no to free food!). And coat hanger it is! I’ll also fix your lamp…
    ps. I’ll need my drill.

    • I’m counting down already! 15 days to go :)

  • No pressure! Marido aqui em casa eh mais “esperto”: ele diz que nao paga e manda deixar como estah. Hunf! Mas como o talento dele eh soh pra software, prefiro que ele nem tente fazer nada em casa. Vou pensar em algum DIY que eu queira fazer mas to adiando para fazer o challenge. xx

    • Oba!! Vou esperar ansiosa :)

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