12 HomeSweeteners – Tip#1: Make it personal

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my own home decor – there’s so much to do around here and everything seems to be on hold. I sure get to do some improvements here and there, but all of them are extremely provisory. I don’t get to paint my walls, neither to change my floors. Adding a deck on my backyard? An alfresco? Redoing the landscape? No way! I don’t even get to hang frames on the walls – although I did it anyway (and hope neither my landlord nor my real estate agent get to know about this blog).

I gotta tell you, sometimes being a tenant really bothers me. I have so many ideas boiling inside my head and I can only execute the little ones. Nothing permanent though.

Having said that, I can assure you that the tips I’m going to start sharing with you are primarily for myself – to remind me that is possible to have a sweet home even when yourare not allowed to go ‘insanely you’ under the roof you are renting.

So today, I’m here to  open this new category:

That’s a long run project, where I’ll be posting twelve tips to sweeten your place one-by-month. There will be no rules – as I don’t believe anyone should follow rules when it comes to decorating your own home – just tips, insights, suggestions, that I will be posting every now and then. So, no hurry and enjoy the ride :)


Tip #1 Get Personal

For having a truly beautiful home, the first thing one can do is making it your own (even if you don’t own it ;)).

Decorating a home, in my humble opinion, is not something you do all at once. Even when you hire someone to do it for you, you should be aware that every now and then, your home will (and should) change a little bit, it’s a lovely never ending process :)

There’s nothing more artificial than an intact decor. And, if you are new here, something you should know about me is that, when it comes to home decor, I’m not a “less is more” kind of person. Not at all. Objects and small details make all the difference and separate a house from a home.

The beauty of a truly sweet home is the personal touches we give our nest everyday. If you could take a picture of the same room every 2 months, you’d probably be amazed with how things change. A new book laying on your side table, a different cushion arrangement, a new plant or picture frame, something from that shop you love that you couldn’t resist this time. The most perfect decor is the one that never ends, because you are always giving it more of yourself.

Personal touches always do the trick. Prefer pictures that you have taken – even if you are not the best photographer – but if you go for someone else work, make sure it resembles your taste, I mean, it has to be something that a friend of yours could instantly think of you when looking at it.

That applies to objects, art or anything else you choose to put on display. Try to avoid to buy that object that your friend has just because is so pretty :)

As I said, I’m not a big fan of rules to decorate your own home, but, you know what? Here is a tip for you: Always prefer character instead of trend. It not only helps you to get a unique home, but also, avoiding trends sure makes you save money. Which reminds me of another tip, but let’s leave it for another post ;)

But let’s save typos and start illustrating what I’m saying :)


As you can see, making it personal is so easy that any child could do it – as a matter of fact, children do it all the time :). So, get inspired and fearless make your home very personal ;)

And before I say bye-bye…

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