The first HS DIY challenge show!

Sunday was a very sunny day. The temperature was just perfect for what was about to happen…

Luciano, who promptly accepted our first challenge, came over for a long but fun day of labor and burgers ;).

He had carefully prepared a project, wich he used as a guide to buy the material he needed and also as a step-by-step to build Flavia’s coat hanger.

He used 5 pinewood  42 x 19 x 1800mm  ($2.60 each) and a bunch of nails, washers and screws that he already had. Total costs under AU$13. Congrats, Lu!


Love it?

Well, Luciano was very generous and decided to share with us his wonderful and unique coat hanger, the first piece of a promising collection. “Someday people will look at this coat hanger and will say: look, it’s a Luciano’s!!” Very modest, huh? :)

Stay tuned, the project will be available soon ;)

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