Long time no Freebie…

Today is Freebie Day! And Guess what we are giving away this time?

A step by step of Luciano’s Coat Hanger. So, if you are felling powerful, don’t think twice! Download your copy of this precious project. You never know… Luciano can become famous any moment now, so make sure you build yourself  his first piece ;)

Remember, you are going to need 5 pinewood 42 x 19 x 1800 mm, a bunch of small nails, 4 screws and wood glue.


1- The hanger edges (F) must be glued and nailed to the upper (C) and lower (D) hangers

2- The stabilisers (B) must be glued and screwed to the main posts (A)

3- Base (E) and hangers (C,D) must be glued to the main posts (A)

Are you ready to build your own “Luciano’s” :)? If so, click on the link bellow and don’t forget to send me the pictures :)

Luciano’s Coat Hanger


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