Mood Boards

Are you in the process of redecorating your home? Have tones of ideas or none? Are you panicking because you don’t know where to start?

A good way of starting to think about what you want to do with a specific room is building yourself a mood board – which is basically a collage of ideas, a collection of things you like (objects, textiles, flooring, wallpaper, lighting fixtures, art…) to use as inspiration, as guide, so you don’t get lost in the middle of the process.

You can do it in the old fashion way, cutting images from magazines, or you can also go for a home decor hunt and take some snap shots to make your mood board even more real. Alternatively, you can grab images from the internet and make a brochure, but if you want to use the most simple way, you should go for one of those online mood board creators. Sometimes these mood boards are not as accurate as the ones you do by grabbing images from your favourite online store, but this softwares are very handy if you are after a visual overall inspiration.

To tell you the truth, I find it more fun doing peace by peace, grabbing the specific imagem of the elements I want  and editing them with my beloved combo: Photoshop + Illustrator, but that’s the crazy me :), cos not everyone has the patience to do so. So, if you are one of these inpatient souls, you should try one of those websites (Olioboard and SampleBoard for instance).

Some of them are very intuitive and giving  you a pretty neat result- usually you can have a free trial, but if you sign up, you can have access to a complete set of tools including products from your favourite brands.

Every now and then I’ll be popping a Mood Board here to inspire you, but why don’t you give it a try too? It doesn’t matter the way you do it as long as you are able to end up with the inspiration you need :)



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