52 weeks – week 2

That’s a very special one – and I guess, it says a whole lot about myself: I’m very attached to things that remind me of my family. There are some things that can take me to the past, that can make me smell familiar scents, that allow me to hear voices and watch scenes that once were part of my life. This object has it all.

What it is

That’s a very antique wooden box that used to belong to my grandmother.

Where it comes from

It came from Rio, my home town, and actually the image on it reflects an antique Rio scenery

Where it is

Today it stands on top of a console table in my living room and it holds small things, including broken objects that I couldn’t throw away.

Why it was chosen

I’ve been carrying  this box along with me since I was a teenager. Just love it, not only because it’s beautiful and original, but specially because every time I look at it I think of my grandmother.

What else?

My mom used to keep this box inside a display furniture along with many other special objects, until one day I begged her to give it to me (I can be very persuasive – or dramatic – when I want).



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