52 Weeks – week 3

At week three I thought I should pick something related to who I used to be. So here it is, a pair of hand made wire handbags made not by me, but by a very talented fashion stylist for whom I used to hit the catwalk (of course it was a looong time ago).

What it is

As I said above, these are a pair of wire handbags made by Katia Rosenvald, a fashion designer  from Rio.

Where it comes from

Katia gave them to me, after a runaway event where I represented her work, dressing a beautiful wire corselet that she had made for the show. It was at least 13 years ago (wow, I am old!)

Where it is

I used to carry the bigger one around on my nights out, back on my early twenties, but today, their function is to embellish my dining area wall.

Why it was chosen

I’ve chosen to show these beauties cos they really mean a lot to me, as they carry a tiny piece of my past, my personal history.

What else?

These handbags came all the way from fashion accessory to home decor accent and that says a whole lot about myself. I guess being surrounded by beautiful things was always part of my life :)


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