52 weeks – week 4

The forth week is about the sweetest story behind my 52 objects.

These little bears are way too special to me, and for this reason they are always moving from here to there around our place, to make sure they are part of our home, of our lives forever.

Let me show  you why…

What it is

Capito and Capitito: the two meaningful Little Bears

Where it comes from

They came from Brazil, more precisely, from the top of Mauricio’s (my hubby) bookshelf on his former bedroom. These two little bears are in Mauricio’s life since he was a child, but they only became really special on that day, when we started dating, actually the first time I was at Maurcio’s parents’ home, he introduced them to me and said something like this: “You take one, the other stays here. One day, when we get married, they will be together again and forever”. A couple of years later, we got married, but took a little while until Capito and Capitito could finally be reunited. Actually, it was not until last summer, when we finally rescue them from our parents’ homes in Rio and brought them all the way to Melbourne.

Where it is

Sometimes they stay at my home office, other times they are in the living room, attached to some picture frame… They are here and there, but always together, forever and ever :)

Why it was chosen

I chose to show them here, because they represent my life, the love that bonds my family, and more than that, they always remind me of how lovely my hubby can be, given the opportunity :)

What else?

Since they are getting old, I plan to frame them in one of those acrylic cubes so they are not in danger of been undertaken by some incautious little hands :)


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