52 weeks – week 5

Here it goes, today, the fifth object is actually a very tiny and personal accessory. It is older than me and, since I don’t have a daughter, I’ll pass it to my niece Juju one day.

What it is

That’s a hair clip, that has a decorative little fish on it.

Where it comes from

It used to belong to my mother back when she was a little girl. It used to be a pair, but the other piece was lost a long time ago, when I was a child.

Where it is

When I’m not wearing it, specially to hold my grown fringe back, it stays inside a box in my bathroom.

Why it was chosen

Because, as you already can tell, I am very attached to things from my past and this hair clip, reminds me of my mum and how she used to put it on my hair when I was very little.

What else?

Well, as much as I love this hair clip, I think it’s time to let it go, and give it to my little niece while she still is a little girl and hope she takes a good care of it and someday passes it to her daughter or niece :)

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