Welcome to HomeSweetener again, agora em Português

When I first started HomeSweetener, I thought it would be a good idea to post exclusively in English, well, it turns out that, as much as I’ve been enjoying this journey, truth is that I miss typing my good and old (totally informal and full of slangs) Portuguese, and on top of that, the other truth is that most people who end up here are portuguese speakers. Soooooo, guess what? From now on, HomeSweeter Brasil is on and, of course, I’ll be posting in portuguese – well, mostly, cos as I am surrounded by English accents, so you’ll still be seeing a bit of it here and there, especially because (I confess) sometimes I can’t find the words/expressions is portuguese (shame on me, I know…).

However, if you are not a portuguese speaker and aren’t happy with the translate button, you can still follow me on HomeSweetener fan page on Facebook, where I’ll keep sharing inspiration, tips and illustrated step-by-step.

Ah, e antes que eu me esqueça e acabe encerrando o post e indo embora…

Bem vindos ao HomeSweetener Brasil!

Agora todinho em português – tá, vai.. todinho não porque infelizmente não vai rolar de traduzir 50 posts e refazer 300 imagens pra ajustar o texto, sem falar que, cês sabem, né? Sempre rola um anyway no meio do caminho :)

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