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Inspiration for decoration – a Mood Board for Graziela

Hey you! Here I am again, can you believe it? =) Today I’m posting under this new Category: Inspiration for Decoration. I’ve been contacted by some people asking for specific tips, so I decided to put together some Mood Boards based on their profiles, needs and tastes and make their lives a bit easier when it comes to decorating their…


Home Decor Basics: Style Finder x Code Finder

Are you having a hard time trying to figure out the way your home should look like? Need some guidance to label your tastes and preferences? Are you contemporary or modern? Rustic or country? Traditional or Classic? Eclectic or Vintage? There are tons of decorating styles out there and deciding what best matches your personality can be very confusing, overwhelming…


Feed your soul

Oh, yeah, I couldn’t wait another day to tell you this – sometimes I can get very anxious! Home Decor Ideas Well, the thing is that I recently found out this sweet project on the Internet where every month they select several artwork and display them on their website so you can browse and download for freeeeeee. That’s as sweet as it…