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Outubro é ao mesmo tempo mês das crianças e das bruxas – que combinação bombástica! rs

Aqui em casa, outubro é mês de festa. Aliás, as festividades começam mesmo em setembro e só vão acabar em janeiro. Setembro, o pitoquinho (22/09) faz aniversário, outubro é a vez do maridinho (4/10) e do magrelinho (11/10). Novembro […]

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HomeSweetener D.I.Y. challenge

On agosto 23, 2012 By

Before I start this post, allow me to blow the dust away :). Sometimes  it is really hard keep up the posting rhythm. If its summer, it’s the good weather that keeps me away from posting. If it’s winter (specially this endless cold Melbournian winter) I can’t find the energy in the end of the […]

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Pendant String Globe

On maio 7, 2012 By

Today I’m going to show you how to DIY one of those beautiful string pendant globes. It’s so easy and inexpensive that you can do a whole lot of them and use a couple to accessorize your home and save the rest to use as party decoration. BTW, since this is a fool’s proof step-by-step, […]

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A couple of days ago when I opened my facebook early in the morning, the image on the top of my page was a truly piece of art, something that instantly reminded me of brothers campana’s work. I clicked on it to see it bigger and, wow, it was really amazing! It wasn’t brothers Campana’s […]

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