Pendant String Globe

On maio 7, 2012 By

Today I’m going to show you how to DIY one of those beautiful string pendant globes. It’s so easy and inexpensive that you can do a whole lot of them and use a couple to accessorize your home and save the rest to use as party decoration. BTW, since this is a fool’s proof step-by-step, […]

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Hi there!

Look who is here again =)

After I published the last post I started thinking about those friends of mine that are more conventional (but still very stylish) and then I decided to show another side of a wall of frames – the one where you play safe. Home Decor Ideas

I’ve always been […]

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Feed your soul

On abril 6, 2012 By

Oh, yeah, I couldn’t wait another day to tell you this – sometimes I can get very anxious! Home Decor Ideas

Well, the thing is that I recently found out this sweet project on the Internet where every month they select several artwork and display them on their website so you can browse and download for freeeeeee. […]

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