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Como ainda estou no clima de dar dicas, hoje trago uma quente pra vocês! Só que hoje vou aproveitar o embalo e fazer uma auto-promoção básica se vocês me permitirem, afinal, também preciso pagar minhas contas :)

Pra quem ainda não conhece, a Society6 é uma loja online americana  que oferece frequentemente frete grátis pra […]

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Gabriela is a very dear friend of mine. We worked together on my first job after I graduated from Architecture School, back in Rio. She has always been very talented and dedicated, and today she owns her own company where she does a bit (or a lot!) of everything. Home Decor Ideas

Gabi and two friends, Adriana […]

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Okay, this post is for me, for my future home, the one I’ll own someday. This is my most recent “dream wall”. I wish I had a lounge big enough to go crazy from bottom to top. An entire wall filled with my family history: pictures, drawings, maps, mirror, accents, even  chalkboards for the kid’s […]

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Feed your soul

On abril 6, 2012 By

Oh, yeah, I couldn’t wait another day to tell you this – sometimes I can get very anxious! Home Decor Ideas

Well, the thing is that I recently found out this sweet project on the Internet where every month they select several artwork and display them on their website so you can browse and download for freeeeeee. […]

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wall of frames

On abril 1, 2012 By

Since I started blogging, like 7 years ago, I’ve have never been worried about posts’ subjects and the reason for that was very simple: I’ve always had what to blog about – my day-by-day life has always given me enough content for my personal blog. As someone who moved to another country, I blogged to […]

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